Global Gifts Logistics Myanmar offers the following services:

  1. International Supply Chain Management
  2. Applying license (Both normal and MIC),MIC approval , MIC license ,tax exemption
  3. Local Warehouse Storage Facility (Non-Bonded)
  4. LCL Service /FCL /Air freight
  5. Hiring Local trading company on behalf of the foreign companies
  6. Transportation whole country wide
  7. Devanning containers and heavy cargo

1. International Supply Chain Management

As market changes rapidly, your supply chain and logistics management has become increasingly significant in staying competitive in business. Logistics provides a single point of logistics management and information control for your global product flow. We focus on the total logistics process, striving to integrate all aspects of physical cargo movement, vendor and document management, information flow and visibility. We offer a range of options that meet the different needs of our customers in the entire supply chain. Customer can choose the different service options that serve their supply chain needs. This provides flexibility in optimizing the different aspects of your supply chain in response to the dynamic needs and changing environment.

2. Applying license (Both normal and MIC),MIC approval , MIC license ,tax exemption

In Myanmar it is import to get the import /export license first before the cargo arrival/departure to Myanmar .There are two types of license , non licensed items and licensed items. So if your cargo is included in non-licensed it is not a problem. But if your cargo is included in licensed items ,it is important to get import license first. And this is for normal license.

There is also another type of license MIC (Myanmar investment commission) approved license. This is for the investment companies which invest in Myanmar. There are also complicated procedures for this investment companies. We are now running and applying MIC licenses and tax exemptions for many investment companies here in Myanmar. Our staff are well-experienced and trained in this field.

3. Trucking

Logistics provides flexible trucking services to our customers, including FTL (full truck load), LTL (less than truck load) in Yangon. We handle long and short haul trucking as well as multi-factory pickup. We also provide door-to-door services that help save you much time and cost. And we also provide the trucks and trailers from China border Muse’ to Yangon and Thailand border Maesot’ to Yangon .We are also providing the border trade service .And also for transportation of 20' 40'containers to all the regions of the country and project site.

4. Warehousing

Global Gifts Logistics Myanmar recognizes that warehousing is a crucial component in your supply chain management. We provide professional warehousing services that handle your goods for export in Yangon. With our close location to the depot and the installation of the local Customs system in our warehouse, we are able to facilitate a fast export process to ensure an efficient delivery of your cargo.
Our services include:
To serve our customer supply chain requirements, Global Gifts Logistics has worked with partners with a network of best-in-class warehouses to handle various commodities, including raw material, finished product, and temperature-controlled goods;
Apart from simple storage, we also provide many different services at our warehouses:

  • Cargo storage Svc for short term & Long term,
  • Stuffing & Un-stuffing Svc,
  • Consolidation & Groupage Svc especially for Garments,
  • Pick & Pack Svc,
  • Cargo Delivery Svc
  • Re-labeling & Palletization Svc
  • Transportation & Distribution Svc
  • Inventory Control Management.

We are always happy to help you with any other services and to provide you with the best solutions.
Below are our warehouse details:

Name &Location Tharkayta Port Terminal, Myanmar Five Star Line, Tharkayta Township, Yangon, Myanmar. 7 kilometers from the downtown port.
Area 16,000 sq. ft
Telephone (95) 9 420765610 / (95) 9 445566172 / (95) 9 440440880
Email: ; ;
Key Contact: Mr. Zaw Lin Htet
Office hours Monday to Friday => 8:30AM -17:30 PM / Saturday => 8:30AM - 12:30PM
CFS cut-off time Two days before ETD at Yangon 10:00AM

You can Download our warehouse quotation Here

5. Customs Brokerage

We understand that Customs house brokerage can be challenging as it involves complicated procedures and numerous documents. Our own professional Customs clearance team is here to assist you with the process and to handle any problems with the Customs to avoid unnecessary charges. Our local Customs system in our warehouse further increases the efficiency in Customs clearance process. With our express documentation service, we can provide documents to customers within 24 hours of vessel departure, without fail.

Failing to meet the Customs formality is not just costly. It interrupts your supply chain and may result in prosecution in some countries. Appointing a trust-worthy Customs Brokerage provider that knows your business, local legal and regulatory issues well is hence critical.

As global gifts Logistics Myanmar , our in-house team of specialists provides Customs brokerage services via our own Customs Brokers and also our handpicked Customs brokerage partners. They have thorough understandings on all local regulatory and legal issues, and are able to assist our customers to achieve better cost effectiveness in Customs-related procedures.
Our services in the area include:

  • Product classification
  • Customs declaration and clearance
  • Fiscal representation
  • Customs status monitoring and report

6. Freight Forwarding

a. Ocean Freight

Global Gifts Logistics Myanmar provides you with comprehensive service packages in end-to-end deliveries. We provide guaranteed feeder sailings from Yangon to Singapore and Port Klang (Malaysia) to deliver your cargo to the rest of the world and from all countries to Myanmar for imported cargo . We offer quality one-stop services for trucking and Customs clearance services that meet your needs.

We are always ready to help you arrange the most efficient and profit-maximizing freight services to enhance your success in business.

b. Air Freight

Logistics works closely with leading airfreight service partners and provides a wide range of air freight services. Our partners are trusted names in the industry and provide some of the most extensive and comprehensive heavyweight airfreight transportation. The international airfreight services utilize the world's major commercial airlines, all-cargo carriers and charters. Tapping this global infrastructure, Logistics links you with every trade lane worldwide.

7. Domestic Transport

As a locally well experienced Logistics company , we aim to provide you “all the right moves” by offering the most efficient and cost effective mode of transport. With our own fleet of equipments and partners, we can help you move your cargo by lorry, container truck, feeder, rail and barge.
Our services covered:

  • Single and multiple modes of transport
  • Full and less than truck load transportation
  • Regular barge / block train in selected areas
  • Temperature controlled transportation
  • Feel free to contact us for more details on how we move your cargo efficiently.

** You can Download our service quotation Here